Is there a reason adoption is so expensive, especially if you work with an agency? That’s one of the most common questions I get from adoptive families. And it’s fair to want to know where the money is going! But that doesn’t necessarily make it easier, does it? Whether you’re considering adoption but are concerned about expenses, or if you’re thinking that self-matching may be a better option, both are key parts of today’s discussion with Anna Koehle.

In my last episode with Anna, we discussed infertility, IVF, grief, and her adoption journey (if you haven’t listened to part one yet, I highly recommend going back and listening!). During part two, Anna talks about her adoption story and the matching process.

Anna Koehle is a mother of an adopted child, an adoption professional with over 18 years of experience, and specializes in adoption after infertility consulting and training.

Here are a few highlights from part two of my conversation with Anna Koehle:

  • How to pick the right adoption agency
  • Why is adoption so expensive?
  • The difference between agencies and self matching
  • The risks of self matching
  • Budgeting for birth parent expenses
It's Time to Adopt Guest Quote Episode 5

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