The fostering journey can have its challenges and difficulties. But for Trudy Cummings and her husband, it has been incredibly rewarding. They have learned that when God calls a child into their home, they are given the strength and love to care for them, even through unexpected behaviors.

In this episode, Trudy shares her journey of becoming a foster parent with her husband shortly after getting married. As first-time parents, they faced difficulties and learned how to understand the difference between normal behavior and trauma-related behavior in children.

Highlights from this episode with Trudy Cummings:

  • Trudy’s Journey into Foster Care
  • Navigating Foster Parenting as Newlyweds
  • Preparing for Potential Face-to-Face Contact with Biological Family
  • The Challenges of Fostering: Trauma and Healing Journey
Episode 8 It's Time to Adopt Trudy Cummings Quote

Understanding the gospel can help us believers realize the need for safe homes for children and the lack of available foster parents. This awareness might just be the thing that we all need to ignite a fire within to become part of the solution. Seeking support, accepting help, and educating others on the needs of traumatized children are crucial for foster parents. I pray this episode highlights the importance of teaching children how to cope with trauma and helping them heal. 

Have you fostered children who have experienced trauma? I’d love to hear your story. Share it in the comments below, or if you’d like to be a guest, please contact my team!