Does the idea of fostering sound scary to you because you’ve heard that foster children are too broken? You may not know how to deal with trauma, or it may just seem so big that you don’t even want to be a part of it. I understand that the idea of trying to figure out how to untangle all of that can seem overwhelming. And my guest, Angela Prusia, knows that, too. She understands that our system is broken, but suggests that we shouldn’t focus on the bigger issues, but rather to work on what we can do to personally help.

Angela Prusia is a writer and is the Mentoring program director of Teen Reach Adventure Camp, a biblically-based camp and mentoring program for teens in foster care. A portion of the profits from Angela’s books helps send more teens to camp.

Angela and I discuss how you can get involved with foster care without fostering, why mentoring is a great way to help kids in foster care, and so much more.

Here are a few highlights from my conversation with Angela Prusia:

  • How Angela became involved in foster care
  • About Teen Reach Adventure Camps
  • Why mentoring impacts kids in foster care so profoundly
  • How volunteering has been a game changer in Angela’s faith
  • Foster care is not just about being foster parents
  • Angela encourages others to get involved
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God has called all of us to be involved in caring for orphans and widows. It’s not a special calling for a specific ministry in the church –– It’s for every believer to get involved. When we all come together and do our part, we can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Something as simple as volunteering your time can mean everything to a child in need. If you’ve ever thought of mentoring a foster child, what has held you back? Send me a DM on Instagram, I’d love to hear more about your story!

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