Have you ever thought about fostering a child, but you’re afraid of getting too attached and having your heart broken? Or maybe you’re worried about how to deal with the biological family? I can understand that – and so can my guest, Jamie Finn. Jamie and her husband have fostered over 30 children in addition to having two biological children and two children adopted through foster care. And she’s here today to share her perspective on the fostering process. So, if you’re considering foster care but aren’t sure what to expect, this is the episode for you! 

Jamie Finn is Foster the Family’s executive director and founder, as well as the author of Foster the Family book. She is also the founder of Goods and Better, a company that creates quality products with advocacy and inspirational phrases that provide practical necessities and caring support to foster children.

Jamie and I discuss becoming foster parents, God’s heart for families, and she answers specific questions about foster care.

Here are a few highlights from my conversation with Jamie Finn:

  • Jamie’s journey into foster care
  • Living in obedience to God’s Word
  • Advice to those afraid of the biological family
  • Gospel-centered foster parenting
  • Being the light of God to the broken
  • Advice for those thinking about fostering

Foster parents have the unique opportunity to show what God looks like to a child who may not have come from a Christian family, or may have never heard of Jesus. By changing your perspective and displaying the love of God for a few weeks – or months – can make such a huge impact on your soul and spirit. I’m curious, have you ever thought of adopting? If so, what has held you back? Send me a DM on Instagram, I’d love to hear more about it!

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