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Do You Desire To Care For Vulnerable Children?

God has called all of His people to care for vulnerable children.  And that includes you!

If you have a desire to provide a loving and nurturing home for a child who needs one, I am here to support you. Our equipping resources are specifically designed to help Christian families navigate the adoption process without losing time, money, or hope in the process.

I know that this journey can be both exciting and overwhelming. Let me be the trusted friend who provides you with important information and resources that will guide you every step of the way.


  • Receive personalized coaching from an experienced adoption lawyer

  • Avoid the common mistakes hopeful adoptive parents make that cause them to waste years and thousands of dollars

  • Grow your family through adoption successfully


Whether you want to adopt domestically or  internationally, you need security while doing so. Partnering with an experienced adoption lawyer will give you all the information you need to make the best decisions for your family. 

Your ultimate A to Z guide to a successful adoption so you don’t lose time, money, or hope in the process.

About Me

Simply put, I love Jesus and feel honored to be able to use the talents He’s given me to care for orphans and widows as an adoption lawyer and educator. 

I’m a mom to three boys, wife to an amazing guy (Tyler), and passionate about awakening God’s passion for His orphans and widows within the hearts of His people (the Church). I teach hopeful adoptive parents how to successfully adopt much faster and with far less money spent. Adoption is made possible without the confusion, frustration, and overwhelm that happens when they try to do it on their own. 

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“This program was an invaluable asset at the start of our adoption journey. There are so many different routes available and searching on our own was frustrating and confusing. We were hesitatant to spend money on this program, but it ultimately saved us thousands by helping us identify the type of adoption that was best for our family and the right questions to ask. We are so glad we invested in it and cannot recommend this program highly enough!”

Christian and Alyson

Hopeful Adoptive Parents

If you choose the right people and you choose the right programs to be a part of, it’s worth every single penny to get to that ultimate goal of bringing that child home to you. Lucrece really helped us get to that point, and for that we’re extremely thankful for it.

We self-matched on 11/9/22 and are so happy. It’s been an amazing early birthday present for me. Our family is so blessed. Self-matching is possible!!

Matt and Kinsey

Adoptive Parents

If you are trying to determine how to start your adoption journey, the Adoption Success Accelerator is where you should turn. Lucrece will help you develop your own unique plan to use before, during, and after the adoption process. This includes determining the type of adoption that is right for you, helping you avoid the pitfalls of working with different adoption specialists,… She made the entire process so much easier than when we attempted to do this on our own.”

Ken and Ciara

Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Grow Your Family.

Love Your Family.


Through all of the curveballs life throws at us, family is the center of our wellbeing. Every child deserves a loving family, and you can make that dream a reality. Don’t let the complicated stigma around adoption stop you from changing lives – the life of a child and your own.

Adoption education and planning ensure that you adopt successfully without losing time, money, or hope in the process. The stability brought to families through adoption education is priceless.